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Telemedicine to the Rescue

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth means having a visit with a pediatrician using technology so you and your child can remain at home and still receive the medical care you need. COVID -19 has made it more important than ever to to meet virtually, whether it be our jobs or with our doctors.  Telehealth can be done on the phone or by computer, like how many of you might be using Apple FaceTime or Facebook Messenger today. We are offering telehealth visits for most office services or at the very least, to see how best to deliver care. By using telehealth services, we hope to further slow the spread of COVID-19, but most importantly protect your family and child!

How Does It Work?

Einstein Peds will work with you to schedule an appointment, or even better, you can log on to our virtual walk in clinic, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 pm!  Currently we are using a platform called Doxy.me. Just click on the button on our website labelled “Telehealth” and you will be taken to a virtual waiting room.

Are Telehealth Visits Covered by My Insurance?

At Einstein Peds we are dedicated to keeping patients safe and meeting their clinical needs using telehealth services during the pandemic. Following our mission, our intent is to provide all services, and keep costs down for you.  At this stage, sick visits are being covered for telehealth by all major carriers, however United and Aetna unlike the others until now, are not covering well visits by telehealth.

What Equipment Do I Need to Be Able to Do a Telehealth Video Visit?

You need the following to be able to participate in a telehealth video visit:

  1. A Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection (Wifi is preferred and will lead to fewer connection problems)
  2. A smartphone or a computer with working camera, microphone and speaker


Are There Tips for Making Sure the Telehealth Visits Go Smoothly?

Yes. Please make sure you/your child:

  • Are in a quiet, private place
  • Are in a room with good lighting so your provider can see you
  • Do not have your mute button on
  • Use the best internet available (close all other windows or other apps)
  • Have a full charge on your smartphone or computer – if not, please plug it in
  • You should log in doxy.me 5-10 minutes before the visit and click on Pre-call test to ensure your connection and computer are ready!

Einstein's Mission:  Engage, Innovate, & Care

We see telehealth as an example of how at Einstein we live our vision to continue to innovate and engage our families even when challenges occur. Pairing telehealth well visits with vaccines outside in our parking lot during the pandemic, is an example of our ability to quickly adapt and think outside the box. Telehealth well visits, while not ideal, offer us a way to maintain a level of continuity of care otherwise not possible.  Will telehealth go away after the pandemic?  Absolutely not and we do not want it to!  But we will always adjust to the circumstances in a way that demonstrates how much we care about you and your children.