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Appointments for flu vaccine are made online.  If other vaccines are needed, we ask that you not schedule at the flu clinic, but call to make a nurse appointment.  Flu vaccine may be given at other visits while you are in the office!




Limited Availability


In agreement with the FDA/CDC recommendations, we will be administering Pfizer to children between the ages of 6 months through 4 years who previously received a Pfizer vaccine.






Available Now


Moderna will be given to all patients between the ages of 6 months to 4 years who previously received a Moderna vaccine or have not yet received a previous vaccine. This also includes all children aged 5 through 11 years regardless of previous vaccination status.




It’s a special time filled with a blend of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation. But one thing is certain–the moment you meet your new baby will be one of the most beautiful memories of your life.  


When you join Einstein, you become part of a bigger family that is here for you through all the ups and downs.  We are here to support you every step of the way.  That's the Einstein experience.  

*  We are currently not acccepting transfers at this time.

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Einstein Pediatrics is a uniquely small practice that remains small because of its core goal of  keeping experiences with families personal and intimate.  We know that good care is delivered 24/7 and we have you covered despite our small size.

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